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June Greatrex

June was born in Glasgow and came to live in Birmingham United Kingdom as a young girl. She first realised she had spiritual abilities from the age of 11yrs. She had dream premonitions that were coming true. She kept this secret as she felt she didn't want to be seen as different. 

Throughout her life she has had various unexplained psychic experiences that she was pushing to one side. When she went to mediums to have readings they all told her that she was psychic herself. This led her to develop her skills. 

June now helps people in many ways including;

Psychic Medium Readings

Spiritual Doodling Analysis

Photographic Readings

Oracle Card & Angel Card Readings

Tea leaf Readings

Psychometry Readings

Reiki Healing

If you would like to find out more about her services please feel to contact her here

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A form of divination or a fortune telling method which interprets images from the tea leaves. Read more

June will hold an object of the client or a past loved one so a connect can be made. Read more...

This form of healing is energy based. Helps with anxiety, relaxation, stress and physical pain. Read more...

June will guide through a medication which can help with stress, focus and concentration. Increases calm and relaxation. Read more


Being Psychic means June can tap into your present moment and future. Being a medium is connecting with your past relatives or friends from spirit. Read more..

This is a unique gift that June can use to offer insight into your past, present and future. You do not need to be able to draw at all as doodling gives the same insights. Read more

This is a way of connecting to your loved ones in Spirit. You can bring a photograph of a loved one with you and June will connect to them. Read more...

These types of readings further enhance the psychic experience giving a more detailed reading. Read more...



June is a natural healer and powerful psychic. As I  had a host of interdependent problems I have received reiki on a number of occasions from June with tremendous effect. She soothed my pain, relaxed my muscles and lightens the load of living with chronic pain. As well as hands on healing I have also received distant healing which has got me through some tough times.  

As a psychic and medium June has helped me solve a huge mystery I had been carrying for years and answer a number of unresolved questions from beyond the veil. Her guidance has helped me move forward when stuck and apply caution when needed.  She is a natural empath, powerful intuitive and much loved councillor to many.  She is the first person I go to when I need help.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Our family have had some very accurate readings from June, done with compassion.  We particularly enjoyed the tea leaf readings and angel card readings. We would definitely recommend her.


June is very gifted psychic reader and medium. If you are lost on your path and need some help with direction she can help guide you along.

She has given me fantastic evidence that she is indeed talking to my past loved ones. 

She has helped me tremendously with both areas. June is a compassionate, genuine lady and I highly recommend her. Thank you.


I have had a number of Reiki sessions with June and each session has been truly amazing. June is a highly skilled Reiki Master with such great energy that you feel her warmth and ability to heal as soon as you meet her.  June also practises in such a wonderful space. A tranquil haven that allows you to escape from the world, further aiding the immersive experience.  Each visit has left me feeling very light , calm, positive and collected for days after. I am already looking forward to my next visit.  I would  not hesitate in recommending June .


I have attended many of Junes meet up groups to develop my own abilities. She has done a few doodle analysis readings for me which have been incredibly insightful . It is quite a unique experience and as I cannot draw for toffee I found it amazing when June showed me what she saw and it then jumped out from the page.. Spirit works in such funny ways to help us in this world.  This experience is worth having by June as she has a real talent for it.


I asked June to contact my partner who passed in November 2020. I was feeling a tremendous amount of guilt due to the circumstances of how I lost him. I found her words comforting. I am now moving forward with my life without carrying the burden of guilt. I am looking for my little robin who visits often and take comfort that he is watching over me.


June Greatrex has appeared in 'Take a Break' in the February 2022 edition. Take a peek below.

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